What people really want

By: Cleopatra Christopher

What do people really want ?

I want the real you
no lies
real thighs, maybe a wing on the side

Like I’m take out

Maybe on a date
Or come to my crib let me fix you a plate
of me.


Like it’s okay,
because I’ll pay you a single penny for your thoughts.

But all mine are two cents
Nothing less , but so much more
My shit, you just can’t afford .

…If you want, I can loan you the money ?
But what do people really want ?

I want the musictomatch that snatch
Snatch me your purse, let me take us out to eat
To eat the insides of your soul
So we can both watch you rot,

Ooh baby , you’re so dark
Like all I saw was his exterior.

The words he spoke mattered not
As long as he filled my ear
with his tongue

And like a snake he slithered into my DMs
and like an unsuspecting mouse,
I fell into the belly of the beast

Now my girl Lisha is like ,
You let that dead, beat ass [nigga]
sweep you off your feet ?

Then again, I have no idea what people really want.

I swear I was, am deluded.

But like my ex who asked me where I’m moving,
I said on to better things . Drake- 10 Bands

Inspired by : Gemineye- Penny for your thoughts (Def Jam)