Carnival Time: Letting go

So here it is , this year I took to the streets at 2 am for an epic “powder fete” , followed by my first ever J’Ouvert. For the non-Caribbean folks , J’Ouvert is a massive street jam starting at the break of dawn to mark the beginning of carnival. It’s at this event you see all the group masqueraders dressed as witches and vampires, priests and serial killers, and of course in costumes that serve as social commentary. Furthermore,  one can also expect to see the sexy ladies who lay their burdens down as they “roll that boom boom”, in “pumpum shorts” that leave absolutely nothing to the imagination, Triple Kay Band- Roll that BoomBoom .  And in my island, Dominica, it’s go hard or go home, so of course , we couldn’t simply wait for 4am to start the fete , so from 2 in the morning we were fogging up the place, dancing and jumping, getting warmed up for what was to come. Machel Montano- The Fog .

And if I am to be honest with myself, this year carnival had a different feel for me, I saw my friends, revelers , children , myself and tourists alike really “letting go” . The release of tension, worries and inhibitions as immoral as it may sit with a lot of hearts  was something  that really spoke to me. I tend to always keep a conservative air about myself, but I couldn’t help but feel free this year to just enjoy life and live in the moment. There were so many people around me who seemed to care less about what people thought about their looks , what they we wearing , and how they behaved. I saw eyes that were near zenith, heard voices that screeched as loud as that good kush and alcohol, as I myself had a chance to delight in the taste and after effects of  refined corn crop. It was an experience worth having and one I would gladly do over again.. well maybe next year, so he better not tie me. Asa Bantan- Tie Me